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An auction can be a great place to get a bargain / discount / reduction ¹. You can find some really interesting old things for buy / offer / sale 2. You have lots of time to decide which things you want to exchange / purchase / sell ³, and then you can make bids/goods/ 4 lots to buy them. Remember to bring a credit card or banknotes/ receipt / wallet 5. And if you come to the auction by bike, don't buy a grand piano!



  1. An auction can be a great place to find a bargain or reduction in price.
  2. You can discover unique and antique items available for purchase at an auction.
  3. You have plenty of time to consider what items you want to buy, and then make bids to acquire them.
  4. When bidding, remember to bring a form of payment such as a credit card or cash.
  5. If you attend the auction by bicycle, be mindful of the fact that it may be difficult to transport large items such as a grand piano.