Английский язык 9 дней назад ramazanovamarianna

Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Simple.

1. I (to go) to bed at ten o'clock every day.

2. I (not to go) to the cinema yesterday.

3. You (to watch) TV tomorrow?

4. When you (to leave) home for school last week?

5. My brother (to go) to work usually in the morning. 6. He (to leave) home 5 minutes ago.

7. You (to have) an English lesson next year? - No, I... .

8. What you (to buy) at the shop yesterday? - I (to buy) a book.

9. Yesterday my father (not to read) newspapers because he (to be) very busy. He (to read) newspapers tomorrow.

10. You (study) at the college? - Yes, I ......
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1 go

2 didn`t go

3 will you watch

4 left

5 goes

6 left

7 Do you have; don`t

8 bought; bought

9 didn`t read; was; will read

10 Do you study; do