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Раскройте скобки, используя инфинитив/ + to или герундий: 1) I enjoy (listen) to music. 2) I want (become) an actor. 3) We should (tell) our parents about the party. 4) He must (apologize) for his words. 5) I promise (visit) you next week. 6) He can (play) the guitar well 7) I would like (go) to Spain these holidays 8) I dislike (meet) with him. 9) I prefer not (read) in the dark. 10) We are decided (buy) a present for her birthday. 11) He avoided (look) at Emma. 12) She should (be) more polite to other people. 13) She wants (know) why you decided (spend) your vacation abroad. 14) I would like (move) to London. ​

1) to listen 2) to become 3) to tell 4) to apologize 5) to visit 6) to play 7) to go 8) to meet 9) not to read 10) to buy 11) to look 12) to be 13) to know, to spend 14) to move
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