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1. Write predictions about yourself using the phrases in the crystal ball. Use will, won't, might, definitely and probably to show how sure you are about your own predictions. Don't forget to give your reasons why you think it will/won't happen. - Example: I will definitely get a degree at university. I want to get a higher education. My parents want this too. But I probably won't study economics because I'm not good at Math. 9
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1. I am smart and sensible. I will carefully consider the pros and cons before making decisions about spending money or taking action. That’s why, I can be a millionaire and I will try to don`t be poor. Also I prefer be logician than creative person, so I think I won`t be a famous Pop singer or artist.

2. In 10 years time I think I will probably be living in cozy foreign country. I`ll start working or will run my own business. I`ll be married. Probably, I will adopt 4 children.

3. I`m sure that I won`t play a sport professionally, because I am lazy. I become fatiqued (читається як фатік) more quickly from sport exercise.


rrumumuzb: ты только три написал допишу до конца
rrumumuzb: ии
besley: Так ви прочитайте, в этих троих предложениях все слова, которые нужно использовать!