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Choose the correct option. 1 A: Can we meet at 1 p.m. on Saturday? B: Sorry, I ’ll be having / ’ll have had lunch with my family. 2 A: Do you need a lot of time to fi nish this birthday cake? B: I ’ll be decorating / ’ll have decorated it by 12 o’clock. 3 A: What is John so worried about? B: Getting a new job. If he doesn’t fi nd one, he ’ll be spending / ’ll have spent all his money by the end of the year. 4 A: Tom, I really need to return that library book tomorrow. B: No problem. I ’ll be fi nishing / ‘ll have fi nished it by then. 5 A: Will you be seeing / Will you have seen your boyfriend tonight? B: Yes, he’s taking me out to a restaurant. 6 A: What will you be doing / will you have done at 7 p.m. tomorrow? B: I don’t have any plans. Shall we go to the cinema?​




1.Sorry, I ’ll be having

2. ’ll be decorating

3.  ’ll have spent

4.’ll be fi nishing

5.  Will you have seen

6.  will you be doing