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3 write the verbs in the past simple. 1 London Zoo_ 2 We. 9 Germany. not/have 3 You take holiday, make 5 We. Beijin! see 6 Ava and her family 7 Lisa any problems so many photos on your some really good friends on give 8 What year. It was Brazil. not/go - really interesting on our to all the sights when we were i 2 you holiday in the summer? do to Mexico la her new friends her address Australia? be 10 My best friend Lisa trip. come 4 In pairs, ask and answer the questions. 1 - you happy to see your cousins in with us on the​

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  1. was
  2. didn't have
  3. took
  4. made
  5. saw
  6. didn't go
  7. gave
  8. did you do
  9. were
  10. came


present - past

be - was/were

not have - didn't have

take - took

make - made

see - saw

not go - didn't go

give - gave

do - did (but because it ask us about question we write a little difficult)

come - came