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СРОЧНООО, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!ДАЮ 40 БАЛОВ!!!!!!WRITING I Use the plan and the prompts below to write Thomas' letter to his friend Jane. Para 1 Location/Accommodation stay at small hotel town of Cabras - Italy Para 2 Weather/Sights/Activities Para 3 - Para 6 hot and sunny-visit ancient castle - go fishing - I spend time swimming Para 4 - Food People (Looks/Character) happy and friendly - good-looking dark eyes and complexions - beautiful smiles - Para 5- Plans delicious Italians make wonderful pasta dishes - I love tasty pizzas next Thursday go to Rome visit amazing museums - flight leave Rome next Saturday Recommendation marvellous place for a holiday​

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Hi Jane, I'm in Italy staying at small hotel in the town of Cabras. There's hot and sunny, despite of the hot weather I visited ancient castle there after that i go fishshing, to cool my body I spent my time for swimming. Humans in there are always happy and friendly and I have to admit that they are all quite good looking with dark eyes and complexion with a beautiful smiles. Food in there just delicious, Italians make wonderful pasta dishes and I loved their tasty pizzas. Next saturday I'm planning to go Rome and visit amazing museums. After that I'm planning to buy a flight ticket for to leave Rome next saturday and go home. I can proudly say that Italy is marvellous place for a holiday.

oroaaa17: Можете ли вы дать мне корону, чтобы я мог помочь вам позже))
dshneskin: спасибо большое))
dshneskin: что такое корона??
oroaaa17: незачто)) корона - это то, что помогает поднять уровень, она в верхней части ответа, если я не ошибаюсь
dshneskin: готово!)
oroaaa17: спасибо:)
dshneskin: уже зрозуміла,дякую