Английский язык 6 дней назад zhanelk086

50 баллов
Make questions from the statements below:
1) Paper is made from wood.
2) The telephone was invented in 1876.
3) The portrait was painted on canvas.
4) The thieves will be arrested soon.
5) Champagne is made in France.
6) The letters will be sent next week.
7) Animals are fed twice a day.
8) This article was written last Saturday.
9) CDs are made of plastic.
10) The meeting was organised to be held on Monday.


1. Is paper made from wood?

2. When was the telephone invented?

3. On what was the portrait painted?

4. Will the thieves be arrested soon?

5. Where is champagne made?

6. When will the letters be sent?

7. How often are animals fed?

8. When was this article written?

9. What are CDs made of?

10. When was the meeting organised to be held?