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раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Possive Voice Present/Post/Future Simple) 1 The table. (to lay) in half an hour. 2. A lot of time on this tomorrow. 3. These birds carefully by the scientists. 4 Our train yesterday. 5. America in 1492. (to spend) (to watch) (to delay) (to discover) 6. This article lish) a week ago. 7. Different things discuss) at our school every day. 9. A lot of people (to pub- (to bear) in Septem- in the World War II. 10. The furniture dust) tomorrow.​



1.The table will be laid in half an hour.

2.A lot of time will be spent on this tomorrow.

3.These birds are carefully watched by the scientists.

4.Our train was delayed yesterday.

5.America was discovered in 1492.

6.This article was published a week ago.

7.Different things are discussed at our school every day.

8.A lot of people bore in September in World War II.

9.The furniture will be dusted tomorrow.