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It's a hard question for me because I think it's pointless to take someone else's role, even for a one day. In my opinion, it may lead to negative consequenses. I can't imagine living with thought that everything has changed for another person due to my curiosity. So, if I could become someone else for a one day, I wouldn't choose someone famous or someone who has a lot of money. Some people would do that just to see what the "real life" is, but I believe that all people already have their own real life, and it's not right to want to be someone else, even for some time. I'd rather leave everything as it is, but if it was really needy for me to make a decision, it would be someone who knows much more than other people. I don't know who it exactly is, but I feel like it would be an old man whose experience and knowledge are needy to discover something new.

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