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срочно!!!! Сочинение по английскому (60-80слов)
Тема: "что я собираюсь делать на этих выходных"​

vladsnakirko: I study intensely at school all week long, that is why I look forward to my days off. I always plan in advance what I am going to do on Saturday, Sunday.
I like to sleep, so on weekend I get up later than usually. I make my bed, then wash and make my breakfast: an omelette or some


I'm going to take a break from the rest of the world. Listen to music, and read a little book. And then go to a friend, and chat with him. And .. watch some movie about love. And then everything else is done, eat, clean the house, and go to bed. I also like to sing. I certainly do not get everything well, but still day after day it gets better and better. That's all I have, thank you all for your attention, bye-bye

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sashamatvejeva2008: спасибо большое :)
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