Английский язык 15 дней назад shilathebro46

Помогите пожайлуста с вправами.

Дополнительные материалы:


Часть 1

1. If I go out tonight, I'll go to the cinema. 2. If you get back late, I'll be angry. 3. If we don’t see each other tomorrow, we'll see each other next week. 4. If he comes, I'll be surprised. 5. If we wait here, we'll be late. 6. If we go on holiday this summer, we’ll go to Spain. 7. If the weather doesn’t improve, we won't have a picnic. 8. If I don’t go to bed early, I'll be tired tomorrow. 9. If we eat all this cake, we'll feel sick. 10. If you don’t want to go out, I'll cook dinner at home. 11. I’ll come early if you want. 12. They’ll go to the party if they are invited. 13. She’ll stay in London if she gets a job. 14. He won’t get a better job if he doesn't pass that exam. 15. I’ll buy a new dress if I have enough money. 16. She’ll cook dinner if you go to the supermarket. 17. They’ll go on holiday if they have time. 18. We’ll be late if we don't hurry. 19. She’ll take a taxi if it rains. 20. I won’t go if you don't come with me.

Часть 2

1. If I were you, I would get a new job. 2. If he were younger, he would travel more. 3. If we weren’t friends, I would be angry with you. 4. If I had enough money, I would buy a big house. 5. If she weren’t always so late, she would be promoted. 6. If we won the lottery, we would travel the world. 7. If you had a better job, we would be able to buy a new car 8. If I spoke perfect English, I would have a good job. 9. If we lived in Mexico, I would speak Spanish. 10. If she passed the exam, she would be able to enter university. 11. She would be happier if she had more friends. 12. We would buy a house if we decided to stay here. 13. They would have more money if they didn't buy so many clothes 14. We would come to dinner if we had time. 15. She would call him if she knew his number. 16. They would go to Spain on holiday if they liked hot weather. 17. She would pass the exam if she studied more. 18. I would marry someone famous if I were a movie star. 19. We would never be late again if we bought a new car. 20. You would lose weight if you ate less.

Часть 3

1. If you hadn’t been late, we wouldn't have missed the bus. 2. If she had studied, she would have passed the exam. 3. If we had arrived earlier, we would have seen John. 4. If they had gone to bed early, they wouldn't have woken up late. 5. If he had become a musician, he would have recorded a CD. 6. If she had gone to art school, she would have become a painter. 7. If I had been born in a different country, I would have learnt to speak a different language. 8. If she had gone to university, she would have studied French. 9. If we hadn’t gone to the party, we wouldn't have met them. 10. If he had taken the job, he wouldn't have gone travelling. 11. He would have been happier if he had stayed at home. 12. She would have passed the exam if she had studied harder. 13. We wouldn’t have got married if we hadn't gone to the same university. 14. They would have been late if they hadn't taken a taxi. 15. She wouldn’t have met him if she hadn't come to London. 16. He would have taken a taxi if he had had enough money. 17. I would have called you if I hadn't forgotten my phone. 18. We would have come if we had been invited. 19. She wouldn’t have done it if she had known you were ill. 20. He would have been on time if he had left earlier.


shilathebro46: а 3 часть не знаешь? как сделать?
shilathebro46: но если не знаешь, то спасибо и за ето
vladzorkov17: могу сделать
vladzorkov17: все редактировал приятного учения английского языка :)