Английский язык 11 дней назад volk170687

Ответить на вопросы:

- How many meals a day you have?

- What do you usually have for breakfast?

- What do you usually have for lunch?

- What do you usually have for dinner?

- What do you usually have for supper?

- What is your favourite dish?



1 I have four meals a day. They are breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper

2 For breakfast I usually have some porridge or mashed potatoes with cutlets or sausages and a cup of strong black tea with bread and butter

3 For lunch I usually have  chicken with salad or pasta and a glass of orange juice

4 For dinner I usually have some soup and dessert with tea or cocoa

5 As a rule I have something light for supper. It can be some vegetable salad, stewed cabbage or omelette.  

6 My favourite dish is fried potatoes, of course. But I don't cook it often