Английский язык 11 дней назад krihinasofya

5 Complete the text. Use who, which, whose,
where and when.
Once a year my family, who all live in
Brighton, have a special picnic on the
beach. My uncle Simon, (1) ...... house
overlooks the sea, organizes everything.
But last month, (2) ....... it rained almost
every day, we couldn't eat on the beach. So
we went into the centre of town, (3) ......
there are lots of restaurants and cafés. We
chose 'Fred's café', (4) ...... opened only a
month ago. Their fish and chips were really
good. My mum, (5) ...... hates cooking,
liked 'Fred's café' a lot. We now go there
every Sunday!

  1. whose
  2. when
  3. where
  4. which
  5. who