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Three boys went into the woods. There are mushrooms, berries, and birds in the forest. The boys went on a spree. Didn't notice how the day went. Going home - I'm afraid: "We'll get it at home!" Here they stopped on the road and think that it is better to lie or tell the truth? "I will say," says the first, " that I was attacked by a wolf in the forest. The father will be afraid and won't scold. "I'll say," says the second, " that I met my grandfather. My mother will be happy and won't scold me. "I'll tell you the truth," says a third."The truth is always easier to tell, because it's true and you don't have to invent anything. So they all went home. Just when the first boy told his father about the wolf, the forest watchman was coming. "No," he says, " there's a wolf in these parts. My father was angry. I was angry for the first fault, but twice as angry for the lie. The second boy told about his grandfather. And the grandfather here as here-on a visit goes. My mother found out the truth. She was angry for the first fault, but twice as angry for the lie. And the third boy as came, so from the threshold of everything was guilty. Grumbled

his aunt forgave him.


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1.  Go to the section “Truth in Russian Literature”, in philosophy Go to the section “Truth in Russian Philosophy”, in social and social activities - a tradition

"Truth-seeking" is the basis of all Russian thought.

Indicates such possible meanings of truth as “vow”, “promise”, “oath”, “commandment”, “rule”, “contract”, “law”.

2. Lies ”,“ Deception ”,“ Untruth ”,“ Liar ”.

A lie is a conscious search for truth, a statement with the aim of rendering someone astray.

Lying is one of two possible conditions. Lies are the opposite of truth.

Lies are false information. False may be facts, information. The truth in computer science is reliable information. The truth or falsehood of information may be uncertain due to insufficient information.

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