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One day Nasreddin went to town to buy new clothes. First he tried on a pair of trousers. He didn’t like the trousers, so he gave them back to the shopkeeper. Then he tried a robe which had the same price as the trousers. Nasreddin was pleased with the robe, and he left the shop. Before he climbed on his donkey to ride home, the shopkeeper and the shop-assistant ran out. “You didn’t pay for the robe!” said the shopkeeper. “But I gave you the trousers in exchange for the robe, didn’t I?” replied Nasreddin. “Yes, but you didn’t pay for the trousers either!” said the shopkeeper. “But I didn’t buy the trousers,” replied Nasreddin. “I am not so stupid as to pay for something which I never bought.”


1. I have known him_________a long time.

a) since b) for c) about

2. You _________take photos in the museum. It is not allowed.

a) mustn’t b) must c) should

3. Look at that boy! He ______________ fall off his bike.

a) will b) is going to c) is

4. He did the task ___________.

a) good b) better c) well

5. This bag is ________than mine.

a) heavy b) heavier c) heavily

6. Can you come to see me _________Sunday?

a) in b) at c) on

7. John __________, took a shower and left for work.

a) was getting up b) got up c) gets up

8. Look! There is so _________ snow in the street!

a) much b) many c) more

9. I can do it __________, thank you.

a) myself b) yourself c) himself

10. This is _______book we have got in our library

a) older b) the oldest c) the eldest

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1 for

2 mustn/t

3 is going to

4 well вроде

5 heavier

6 on

7 got up

8 much

9 myself

10 the oldest

Должно быть правильно)))